sq config edit

See the config section for an overview of sq configuration.


Edit config or source options in the editor specified
in envar $SQ_EDITOR or $EDITOR.

  sq config edit [@HANDLE]

  # Edit default options
  $ sq config edit

  # Edit default options, but show additional help/context.
  $ sq config edit -v

  # Edit config for source @sakila
  $ sq config edit @sakila

  # Same as above, with additional help/context.
  $ sq config edit @sakila -v

  # Use a different editor
  $ SQ_EDITOR=nano sq config edit

      --help   help for edit

Global Flags:
      --config string      Load config from here
      --log                Enable logging
      --log.file string    Path to log file; empty disables logging
      --log.level string   Log level: one of DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR
  -M, --monochrome         Don't colorize output
  -v, --verbose            Verbose output