sq group

Get or set active group. If no argument provided, get the active group.
Otherwise, set GROUP as the active group. An error is returned if GROUP does
not exist.

Use 'sq ls -g' to list groups.

  sq group [GROUP]

  # Get active group ("dev" in this case).
  $ sq group

  # Set "prod" as active group
  $ sq group prod

  # Reset to the root group
  $ sq group /

  -t, --text        Output text
  -h, --header      Print header row (default true)
  -H, --no-header   Don't print header row
  -j, --json        Output JSON
  -c, --compact     Compact instead of pretty-printed output
  -y, --yaml        Output YAML
      --help        help for group

Global Flags:
      --config string         Load config from here
      --error.format string   Error output format (default "text")
  -E, --error.stack           Print error stack trace to stderr
      --log                   Enable logging
      --log.file string       Log file path (default "/Users/neilotoole/Library/Logs/sq/sq.log")
      --log.format string     Log output format (text or json) (default "text")
      --log.level string      Log level, one of: DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR (default "DEBUG")
  -M, --monochrome            Don't print color output
      --no-progress           Don't show progress bar
      --no-redact             Don't redact passwords in output
  -v, --verbose               Print verbose output