sq rm

Remove data source or group. Removing a group removes
all sources in that group. On return, the active source or active group
may have changed, if that source or group was removed.


  # Remove @sakila source
  $ sq rm @sakila_db

  # Remove multiple data sources
  $ sq rm @sakila/pg @sakila_my

  # Remove the "prod" group (and all its children)
  $ sq rm prod

  # Remove a mix of sources and groups
  $ sq rm @staging/sakila_db @staging/backup_db dev

  -t, --text        Output text
  -h, --header      Print header row (default true)
  -H, --no-header   Don't print header row
  -j, --json        Output JSON
  -c, --compact     Compact instead of pretty-printed output
  -y, --yaml        Output YAML
      --help        help for rm

Global Flags:
      --config string      Load config from here
      --log                Enable logging
      --log.file string    Path to log file; empty disables logging
      --log.level string   Log level: one of DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR
  -M, --monochrome         Don't colorize output
  -v, --verbose            Verbose output