sq sql

When sq’s jq-like query language (SLQ) isn’t expressive enough, you can use sq sql to execute DB-native SQL queries or statements.

$ sq sql 'SELECT * FROM actor WHERE actor_id < 5'

Active source & schema

The sql command works similarly to the root sq command. You can override the active source for the query using --src, and override the active catalog/schema using --src.schema.

Here’s an example tying these together:

$ sq sql --src @sakila/pg12 --src.schema sakila.information_schema \
'select table_catalog, table_schema, table_name, table_type from tables'
table_catalog  table_schema          table_name                             table_type
sakila         pg_catalog            pg_statistic                           BASE TABLE
sakila         pg_catalog            pg_type                                BASE TABLE
sakila         public                actor                                  BASE TABLE
sakila         pg_catalog            pg_foreign_server                      BASE TABLE
sakila         pg_catalog            pg_authid                              BASE TABLE
sakila         pg_catalog            pg_shadow                              VIEW
sakila         pg_catalog            pg_statistic_ext_data                  BASE TABLE


Execute a SQL query or statement against the active source using the
source's SQL dialect. Use flag --src=@HANDLE to specify an alternative

  sq sql QUERY|STMT

  # Select from active source
  $ sq sql 'SELECT * FROM actor'

  # Select from a specified source
  $ sq sql --src=@sakila_pg12 'SELECT * FROM actor'

  # Drop table @sakila_pg12.actor
  $ sq sql --src=@sakila_pg12 'DROP TABLE actor'

  # Select from active source and write results to @sakila_ms17.actor
  $ sq sql 'SELECT * FROM actor' --insert=@sakila_ms17.actor

  -f, --format string                  Specify output format (default "text")
  -t, --text                           Output text
  -h, --header                         Print header row (default true)
  -H, --no-header                      Don't print header row
  -j, --json                           Output JSON
  -A, --jsona                          Output LF-delimited JSON arrays
  -J, --jsonl                          Output LF-delimited JSON objects
  -C, --csv                            Output CSV
      --tsv                            Output TSV
      --html                           Output HTML table
      --markdown                       Output Markdown
  -r, --raw                            Output each record field in raw format without any encoding or delimiter
  -x, --xlsx                           Output Excel XLSX
      --xml                            Output XML
  -y, --yaml                           Output YAML
  -c, --compact                        Compact instead of pretty-printed output
      --format.datetime string         Timestamp format: constant such as RFC3339 or a strftime format (default "RFC3339")
      --format.datetime.number         Render numeric datetime value as number instead of string (default true)
      --format.date string             Date format: constant such as DateOnly or a strftime format (default "DateOnly")
      --format.date.number             Render numeric date value as number instead of string (default true)
      --format.time string             Time format: constant such as TimeOnly or a strftime format (default "TimeOnly")
      --format.time.number             Render numeric time value as number instead of string (default true)
      --format.excel.datetime string   Timestamp format string for Excel datetime values (default "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm")
      --format.excel.date string       Date format string for Excel date-only values (default "yyyy-mm-dd")
      --format.excel.time string       Time format string for Excel time-only values (default "hh:mm:ss")
  -o, --output string                  Write output to <file> instead of stdout
      --insert string                  Insert query results into @HANDLE.TABLE; if not existing, TABLE will be created
      --src string                     Override active source for this query
      --src.schema string              Override active schema (and/or catalog) for this query
      --ingest.driver string           Explicitly specify driver to use for ingesting data
      --ingest.header                  Ingest data has a header row
      --no-cache                       Don't cache ingest data
      --driver.csv.delim string        Delimiter for ingest CSV data (default "comma")
      --driver.csv.empty-as-null       Treat ingest empty CSV fields as NULL (default true)
      --help                           help for sql

Global Flags:
      --config string         Load config from here
      --error.format string   Error output format (default "text")
  -E, --error.stack           Print error stack trace to stderr
      --log                   Enable logging
      --log.file string       Log file path (default "/Users/neilotoole/Library/Logs/sq/sq.log")
      --log.format string     Log output format (text or json) (default "text")
      --log.level string      Log level, one of: DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR (default "DEBUG")
  -M, --monochrome            Don't print color output
      --no-progress           Don't show progress bar
      --no-redact             Don't redact passwords in output
  -v, --verbose               Print verbose output