sq sql

Execute a SQL query or statement against the active source using the
source's SQL dialect. Use flag --src=@HANDLE to specify an alternative

If flag --query is set, sq will run the input as a query
(SELECT) and return the query rows. If flag --exec is set,
sq will execute the input and return the result. If neither
flag is set, sq attempts to determine the appropriate mode.

  sq sql QUERY|STMT [flags]

  # Select from active source
  $ sq sql 'SELECT * FROM actor'

  # Select from a specified source
  $ sq sql --src=@sakila_pg12 'SELECT * FROM actor'

  # Drop table @sakila_pg12.actor
  $ sq sql --exec --src=@sakila_pg12 'DROP TABLE actor'

  # Select from active source and write results to @sakila_ms17.actor
  $ sq sql 'SELECT * FROM actor' --insert=@sakila_ms17.actor

  -o, --output string   Write output to <file> instead of stdout
  -j, --json            Output JSON
  -A, --jsona           Output LF-delimited JSON arrays
  -l, --jsonl           Output LF-delimited JSON objects
  -t, --table           Output text table
  -X, --xml             Output XML
  -x, --xlsx            Output Excel XLSX
  -c, --csv             Output CSV
  -T, --tsv             Output TSV
  -r, --raw             Output each record field in raw format without any encoding or delimiter
      --html            Output HTML table
      --markdown        Output Markdown
  -h, --header          Print header row in output (default true)
      --pretty          Pretty-print output (default true)
      --insert string   Insert query results into @HANDLE.TABLE. If not existing, TABLE will be created.
      --src string      Override the active source for this query
      --driver string   Explicitly specify the data source driver to use when piping input
      --opts string     Driver-dependent data source options when piping input
      --query           Execute the SQL as a query (as opposed to statement)
      --exec            Execute the SQL as a statement (as opposed to query)
      --help            help for sql

Global Flags:
  -M, --monochrome   Don't colorize output
  -v, --verbose      Print verbose output, if applicable