sq version

Show version info.
The output notes if a new version of sq is available.

Use --verbose, or --json or --yaml for more detail.

Before upgrading, check the changelog: https://sq.io/changelog

  sq version

  # Show version (note that an update is available)
  $ sq version
  sq v0.38.0    Update available: v0.39.0

  # Verbose output
  $ sq version -v
	sq v0.38.0
	Version:         v0.38.0
	Commit:          #4e176716
	Timestamp:       2023-06-21T11:39:39Z
	Latest version:  v0.39.0
	Host:            darwin arm64 | Darwin 22.5.0 | macOS 13.4

  # JSON output
  $ sq version -j
		"version": "v0.38.0",
		"commit": "4e176716",
		"timestamp": "2023-06-19T22:08:54Z",
		"latest_version": "v0.39.0",
		"host": {
			"platform": "darwin",
			"arch": "arm64",
			"kernel": "Darwin",
			"kernel_version": "22.5.0",
			"variant": "macOS",
			"variant_version": "13.4"

  # Extract just the semver string
  $ sq version -j | jq -r .version

  -t, --text        Output text
  -h, --header      Print header row (default true)
  -H, --no-header   Don't print header row
  -j, --json        Output JSON
  -c, --compact     Compact instead of pretty-printed output
  -y, --yaml        Output YAML
      --help        help for version

Global Flags:
      --config string      Load config from here
      --log                Enable logging
      --log.file string    Path to log file; empty disables logging
      --log.level string   Log level: one of DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR
  -M, --monochrome         Don't colorize output
  -v, --verbose            Verbose output